Munay-Ki by Alex and Norma created with Energy of Love is a fashion company based in Zurich, Switzerland. 

Norma, from Peru, introduced Alexandra, from the United Kingdom, to the wonderful textiles and fabrics of This beautiful land and the vast array of breath-taking designs it encompasses. “We fell in love with the idea of working with the handcrafted designs by local artisans using Alpaca and bio Pima Cotton, and now we are turning our dream into reality.” Two friends who have lived and worked in Zurich, Switzerland for many years, we decided to come together to create Munay-Ki.  Derived from the old Peruvian language, “Munay” in Quechua meaning “Love and Will” together with “Ki” from the Chinese word “energy” combines to mean “Energy of Love”. The Munay-Ki are a series of nine empowerment rites of the Q’ero shamans of Peru, and are still used and practised today. These rites help the person who receives them to become a person of Wisdom and Power.

At Munay-Ki we work with textile companies solely in Peru, who design and produce exclusive, ethically sound collections and fabrics, both locally and internationally. The strength of our brand lies heavily on the talented local designers (the artisans with whom we partner) traveling with us from concept to end result. We have also introduced a Home living collection handcrafted from luxury fabrics.

The Artisans working with ancient techniques passed from generation to generation, are able to transform their families and communities, using their unique handiwork as a bridge to economic independence. Each dress, shawl and home textile is individually designed and tailored as part of a unique collection of exclusive pieces. “We hope you enjoy our brand, and we are so happy to share our love of this with our clients”.

With Love

Alex and Norma